Friday, 20 May 2016

Headway Pet Project

                           .  Making Choices                            

Choose a pet you would like to have or look after and say why you chose it.

Our class visited Animates Pet Shop to help us learn about what would be a good pet to have and what things we would need to buy or get to keep the pets happy and healthy.

Today we went to Animates and we visited the animals. My favourite animal was the brown goldie looking rabbit.


If I could chose any pet to have or look after I would chose a Rabbit
I would pick a Rabbit for my pet because it’s so fluffy and cute I would take so much care of my Rabbit. I would love my Rabbit because it will be my companion.

hop.jpgrun.jpgbaby Rabbit.jpg

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  1. That looks really awesome Conner.Good to see that you are making good choices.