Friday, 8 July 2016

My Blotch Story

88692000000000000 years ago there was an alien called Predator.


Predator has his own island. Predator’s island had a forbidden Jungle. His very very big spiders and a very big grumpy dinosaur and grumpy big venus fly traps lived in the forbidden Jungle. The Jungle is  886000000000000 years old it has very big trees it is very creepy and dark.

Bob and Sam who live in New York decide to have a holiday. Bob and Sam go to Predator island. They needed a peaceful break. They get there on a big ship. They are the only people who get off the ship onto Predator Island.

Bob and Sam

Predator will run very very fast and chase you when he is hungry, Predator is very very grumpy all the time, also predator is very very aggressive all the time. Everyday predator is very very hungry all the time and everyday predator likes to eat meat. Predator is a messy eater. Predator will kill anything that gets in his way.

Bob say’s “It’s a big island Sam!”
“Look at the massive trees!” said Sam.  

While Bob and Sam are looking where to go. Predator is spying on them from his invisible house. Predator decides he needs to eat  Bob and Sam. Bob heard Predator planning to kill Bob and Sam. Predator was about to kill Bob and Sam at night. Before Predator could assassinate them Bob killed the predator with a AK47 gun.

Bob and Sam live happy ever after.

By Connor  

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